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The Bioplatforms Australia Framework Initiatives are national collaborative projects that use integrated ‘omics infrastructure to generate high-impact data and knowledge resources in support of some of Australia’s biggest scientific challenges.

Below is a summary of the genomic resources generated, aiming to provide reference genomes of Australian fauna and flora species, and population genetic datasets.

Additional resources, not listed here, are available through the data portal, including microbial genomic resources and other 'omics datasets. We encourage you to use the search feature to explore the full content of this portal.

Table legend:
  • CLR/RS: PacBio datasets generated using the PacBio Sequel I or RSII systems
  • HiFi: PacBio datasets generated using the PacBio Sequel II system
  • ONT: Oxford Nanopore Technology datasets generated using either a MinION or PromethION system
  • 10X: datasets generated through Chromium 10X Genomics
  • Blue dots (hyperlink) provide a direct link to the page containing the referential dataset
  • P indicates a resource that is planned or in progress

See the About page for more information.

Species Name Taxonomic group Bioplatforms initiative Illumina CLR/RS HiFi ONT 10X HiC Transcript Assembly Exon Capture ddRAD/DaRT