Australian Microbiome

The Australian Microbiome Database is a collaborative project to create a public resource containing microbial genome and associated site specific metadata information from a range of Australian environments including soils, marine and freshwater.


Antibiotic Resistant Sepsis Pathogens

The Antibiotic Resistant Sepsis Pathogens Framework Initiative aims to develop a framework dataset that will enable identification of core targets common to antibiotic-resistant sepsis pathogens.

Oz Mammals Genomics

Oz Mammals Genomics Initiative

The Oz Mammals Genomics Initiative is an Australia-wide collaboration involving researchers from more than 30 institutions, which aims to develop genomic resources for Australia's mammals.

Genomics for Australian Plants

Genomics for Australian Plants

The Genomics for Australian Plants Initiative is a national collaborative project, which aims to develop genomic resources for the Australian plants community.


Great Barrier Reef

The Sea-quence Project is generating core genetic data for corals from the Great Barrier Reef and Red Sea to ultimately help guide reef management practices.



The Melanoma Genomics Project aims to whole genome sequence approximately 500 melanoma patients.

Wheat Pathogens Transcript

Wheat Pathogens Transcript

This dataset contains transcript sequence data from 8 different fungal pathogen species of wheat.

Wheat Pathogens

Wheat Pathogens Genomes

This dataset contains the genomic sequence from 10 fungal and 2 bacterial pathogen species. Among the pathogens sequenced are the causal agents of stripe rust, stem rust, tan spot, glume blotch, septoria leaf blotch, bare patch and crown rot/head blight.

Wheat Cultivars

Wheat Cultivars

This dataset contains genomic sequence information from 16 wheat varieties of importance to Australia selected and prioritised by the major stakeholders of the Australian grains research community based on availability of mapping populations and genetic diversity.


Stem Cells

Stem cells allow us to study fundamental processes in tissue growth, development, aging and disease.