OMG Pacbio Raw 102.100.100/53816 20190321

Sminthopsis crassicaudata, Fy1 Australia Victoria

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Additional Info

Field Value
Geospatial Coverage
Resource Permissions organization_member
Sequence Data Type pacbio-clr
access_rights NA
ala_specimen_url NA
ancillary_notes NA
archive_ingestion_date 2019-03-08
associated_media NA
barcode_id NA
birth_date 2014-04-14
bpa_dataset_id 102.100.100/52597
bpa_library_id 102.100.100/53816
bpa_sample_id 102.100.100/40065
bpa_work_order 40029.0
class Mammalia
collection_date 2016-04-28
collection_method unknown
collector Stephen Frankenberg
collector_sample_id NA
common_name Fat-tailed dunnart
coord_uncertainty_metres unknown
country Australia
custodian Andrew Pask
data_custodian Andrew Pask
data_generated 2019-03-08
data_type PacBio subreads.bam
dataset_url (ingested)
date_of_transfer 2019-03-28
ddrad_data no
ddrad_dataset_ids NA
death_date 2014-04-28
description PacBio data- 60045 Dunnart
dna_conc_ng_ul 500.0
dna_extracted_by Stephen Frankenberg
dna_extraction_date 2017-01-31
dna_extraction_method GeneElute Mammalian Genome DNA Miniprep Kit (Sigma) for initial lysis steps, but replacing the later column steps with phenol/chloroform extraction (to preserve high MW)
dna_treatment NA
exon_capture_data no
exon_capture_dataset_ids NA
facility_sample_id FRA6322A1
family Dasyuridae
file subreads.bam etc
folder_name OMG_UNSW_PAC_20190321
genome_data yes
genome_dataset_ids 40125 | 52597
genus Sminthopsis
habitat unknown
identified_by unknown
institution_name University of Melbourne
library_comments 40kb size selection
library_index_id NA
library_index_sequence NA
library_location RAMAC
library_ng_ul 83.3
library_oligo_sequence NA
library_pcr_cycles NA
library_pcr_reps NA
library_prep_date 2019-03-20
library_prep_method PacBio Preparing >30kb Libraries using SMRTbell Express Template Preparation kit 1.0
library_prepared_by RAMAC
library_status Library prep
library_type Genomic
life_stage adult organism
location_text Captive colony
omg_project Whole genomes
order Dasyuromorphia
phylum Chordata
prior_genetics unknown
run_date 20190321
sample_quality high molecular weight
sample_submission_date 2019-03-28
sequence_length 600 minute movie
sequencing_facility RAMAC
sequencing_platform PacBio Sequel
sex female
software_version SMRTLInk 6.0
source_population unknown
species crassicaudata
state_or_region Victoria
subspecies_or_variant NA
taxon_id 9301
taxonomic_group marsupial
ticket BPAOPS-817
tissue_collection unknown
tissue_number Fy1
tissue_preservation liquid nitrogen
tissue_type liver
trace_lab no
type_status unknown
voucher_id Fy1
voucher_number no voucher
voucher_or_tissue_number Fy1
wild_captive captive