OMG ONT PromethION 102.100.100/41599 PAD87618

102.100.100/54310 Mastacomys fuscus, Z27367 HMWB Australia Victoria

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Field Value
Geospatial Coverage
Resource Permissions organization_member
access_rights no restrictions
ala_specimen_url https://biocache.ala.org.au/occurrences/b05dc893-7ec9-4e01-8908-1235d2585a40
ancillary_notes DNA conc method = Qubit, DNA total µg = 11.16
archive_ingestion_date 2019-05-26
associated_media NA
barcode_id NA
base_url https://downloads-qcif.bioplatforms.com/bpa/omg_staging/ont-promethion/BPAOPS-861/
birth_date unknown
bpa_dataset_id 102.100.100/52612
bpa_library_id 102.100.100/54310
bpa_sample_id 102.100.100/41599
class Mammalia
collection_date 2013-11-28
collection_method elliott trap
collector Karen Roberts
collector_sample_id KKR173
common_name Broad-toothed rat
conservation_sample no
conservation_status NA
coord_uncertainty_metres 200.0
country Australia
custodian Kevin Rowe | Museums Victoria
data_custodian Kevin C. Rowe
data_generated 2019-05-26
data_type ONT fast5 and fastq
dataset_url (ingested)
date_of_transfer 2019-09-26
death_date 2013-11-28
description ONT-Promethion data- sample ID:41599, library ID:54310, data set ID:52612
dna_conc_ng_ul 124.0
dna_extracted_by Kevin Rowe
dna_extraction_date 2019-05-15
dna_extraction_method Phenol-Choloroform High Molecular Weight Method
dna_treatment Phenol-Chloroform Extraction, High Molecular Weight
experimental_design 1x Promethion Flow Cell
facility_sample_id AGRF
family Muridae
file 20190919_OMG_AGRF_ PAD87618
flowcell_id PAD87618
folder_name 20190919_OMG_AGRF_PAD87618
genome_sample yes
genome_status DNA extracted
genus Mastacomys
habitat Alpine meadow
identified_by Kevin Rowe
institution_name Museums Victoria
latitude 148.12485
library_comments DNA conc method = Qubit, DNA total µg = 30.24 (41598) or 11.16 (41599)
library_index_id n/a
library_index_sequence n/a
library_ng_ul 1000.0
library_oligo_sequence n/a
library_pcr_cycles n/a
library_pcr_reps n/a
library_prep_method Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK109)
library_prepared_by Jafar Jabbari
library_status sequenced
library_type Oxford Nanopore
life_stage adult organism
location_text Alpine National Park, Davies Plain Camp, 16.91km SE of Mt Pinnibar summit, and 6.70km NE of Davies Plain Track and Kings Plain 4WD Track junction
longitude -36.65264
n_libraries_pooled 1.0
omg_project Whole Genomes
order Rodentia
phylogenomic_sample no
phylogenomic_status NA
phylum Chordata
prior_genetics unknown
sample_quality high molecular weight
sample_submission_date 2019-09-26
sequence_length n/a
sequencing_facility AGRF
sequencing_platform Promethion
sex female
software_version PromethION: 19.06.9-2, Guppy version 3.0.5
source_population unknown
species fuscus
species_name Mastacomys fuscus
state_or_region Victoria
subspecies NA
taxonomic_group rodent
ticket BPAOPS-861
tissue_collection Mammalogy
tissue_number NMV Z27367 HMWB
tissue_preservation RNALater
tissue_type spleen
trace_lab no
voucher_id NMV_C37546
voucher_number NMV C37546
voucher_or_tissue_number Z27367 HMWB
wild_captive wild