OMG 10x Raw 102.100.100/41499 10X_H7L7YDRXX

102.100.100/54214 Myrmecobius fasciatus, MIG12-29965423 Australia Western Australia

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Resource Permissions organization_member
access_rights location information restricted
ala_specimen_url NA
ancillary_notes NA
archive_ingestion_date 2019-06-14
associated_media NA
barcode_id NA
base_url https://downloads-qcif.bioplatforms.com/bpa/omg_staging/10x_raw/BPAOPS-826/
birth_date 2010-01-30
bpa_dataset_id 102.100.100/52610
bpa_library_id 102.100.100/54214
bpa_sample_id 102.100.100/41499
class Mammalia
collection_date 2010-02-10
collection_method captive
collector Perth Zoo
collector_sample_id MIG12-29965423
common_name Numbat
conservation_sample no
conservation_status NA
coord_uncertainty_metres Perth zoo only
country Australia
custodian Katherine Belov
data_custodian Kathy Belov | Carolyn Hogg
data_generated 2019-06-14
data_type Illumina FASTQ
dataset_url (ingested)
date_of_transfer 2019-06-12
death_date 2019-01-23
description 10X Genomics/NovaSeq 6000- Numbat DNA
dna_conc_ng_ul 51ng/uL
dna_extracted_by Emma Peel
dna_extraction_date 2019-05-16
dna_extraction_method Qiagen MagAttract
dna_treatment No size selection
experimental_design 10X Chromium, half of a NovaSeq 6000 S1 2x150bp flowcell
facility_sample_id PEE6755A3
family Myrmecobiidae
file 54214_S2_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz| 54214_S2_L001_R2_001.fastq.gz | 54214_S2_L001_I1_001.fastq.gz | 54214_S2_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz | 54214_S2_L002_R2_001.fastq.gz | 54214_S2_L002_I1_001.fastq.gz
flow_id 10X_H7L7YDRXX
flowcell_id H7L7YDRXX
folder_name 52610_OMG_UNSW_10X_H7L7YDRXX
genome_sample yes
genome_status DNA extracted
genus Myrmecobius
habitat Captive housing
identified_by Simone Vitali
institution_name University of Sydney
latitude 115.8523
library_index_id Index C2
library_location Ramaciotti, UNSW
library_ng_ul 7.22
library_oligo_sequence NA
library_pcr_cycles 10 cycles
library_pcr_reps NA
library_prep_date 2019-05-31
library_prep_method 10X Genomics Chromium
library_prepared_by Ramaciotti, UNSW
library_status Sequenced
library_type genome linked-read
life_stage adult organism
location_text Perth Zoo
longitude -31.9755
n_libraries_pooled 2.0
omg_project Whole genomes
order Dasyuromorphia
phylogenomic_sample no
phylogenomic_status NA
phylum Chordata
prior_genetics NA
sample_quality fresh frozen at -80
sample_submission_date 2019-06-12
sequence_length 150bp PE
sequencing_facility Ramaciotti, UNSW
sequencing_platform NovaSeq 6000
sex female
software_version bcltofastq2 v2.19
source_population Perth Zoo
species fasciatus
species_name Myrmecobius fasciatus
state_or_region Western Australia
subspecies NA
taxonomic_group marsupial
ticket BPAOPS-826
tissue_collection Perth Zoo
tissue_number MIG12-29965423
tissue_preservation -80C
tissue_type lung
trace_lab no
voucher_number no voucher
voucher_or_tissue_number MIG12-29965423
wild_captive captive