AusARG Pacbio HiFi 102.100.100/350719

Tiliqua rugosa, SAMAR71619 Australia South Australia

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Map tiles & Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.
Resource Permissions organization_member
access_rights No restrictions
ala_specimen_url NA
analysis_software SMRT Link Analysis
ancillary_notes Animal was taken from bundey Bore Station homestead area and was put into captivity after the life in cold blood series in 2008. In regards to the common name - given this is a South Australian animal is common name is the sleepy lizard rather than shingleback or bobtail.
archive_ingestion_date 2020-12-02
associated_media TrG_genomeLizard1_ventral.jpg; TrG_genomeLizard1_WholeDorsal.jpg; TrG_genomeLizard2_ventral.jpg; TrG_genomeLizard1_Head.jpg; TrG_GenomeLizard_4March2020_Face.jpg
ausarg_project Reference genome
barcode_id NA
base_url https://downloads-qcif.bioplatforms.com/bpa/ausarg_staging/pacbio-hifi/BPAOPS-997/AusARG_AGRF_PacBio_C20062700/350719_AusARG_AGRF_PacBio_DA052894_DA052873_HiFi_metadata/
cell_postion C01
certainty certain
class Reptilia
collection_method hand capture
collector Dale Burzacott
collector_sample_id NA
common_name shingleback/sleepy lizard/bobtail
coord_uncertainty_metres unknown
country Australia
data_custodian Terry Bertozzi
data_generated 2020-12-02
data_type PacBio-HiFi
dataset_id 102.100.100/351719
date_of_transfer 2020-11-26
death_date 2020-03-04
description HiFi
dna_treatment Megaruptor2 - 25kb setting
experimental_design PacBio HiFi
facility_sample_id M_Spool
family Scincidae
file_name 20201023_AusARG_AGRF_PacBio_DA052894_DA052873.ccs.bam
flowcell_id DA052894
flowcell_type SMRT Cell 8M
folder_name AusARG_AGRF_PacBio_C20062700
genotypic_sex male
genus Tiliqua
habitat xeric shrubland biome
identified_by Mike Gardner
insert_size_range 15860bp
institution_name South Australian Museum
latitude -33.886547
library_comments NA
library_construction_protocol Preparing HiFi SMRTbell® Libraries using SMRTbell Express Template Prep Kit 2.0
library_id 102.100.100/350719
library_index_id NA
library_index_sequence NA
library_location AGRF
library_ng_ul 70pM
library_oligo_sequence NA
library_pcr_cycles NA
library_pcr_reps NA
library_prep_date 2020-10-14
library_prepared_by Trent Peters
library_status Data available
library_type HIFI
lifestage Adult organism
location_text Bundey Bore Station homestead
longitude 139.355269
material_conc_ng_ul 338.0
material_extracted_by Terry Bertozzi
material_extraction_date 2020-06-17
material_extraction_method Gentra Spooling
material_extraction_type DNA
method_of_determination dissection and sexing marker
movie_length 30hrs
n_libraries_pooled NA
order Squamata
phenotypic_sex male
phylum Chordata
prior_genetics spleen transcriptome
sample_custodian Terry Bertozzi | Michael Gardner
sample_id 102.100.100/349719
sample_quality excellent
sample_submission_date 2020-11-26
sequencing_facility AGRF
sequencing_platform PacBio Sequel II
source_population NA
species rugosa
species_name Tiliqua rugosa
specimen_id SAMAR71619
specimen_id_description South Australian Museum
state_or_region South Australia
subspecies asper
taxon_id 8527.0
taxonomic_group lizard
ticket BPAOPS-997
tissue_collection Australian Biological Tissue Collection
tissue_number ABTC151652
tissue_preservation liquid nitrogen | -80C
tissue_type muscle structure
type_status no
voucher_number SAMAR71619
voucher_or_tissue_number SAMAR71619
wild_captive wild (captive since 2008)
work_order 13001.0