ARP Proteomics MS1Quantification 51639

ARP Proteomics MS1Quantification Raw Data: Klebsiella pneumoniae KPC2 Pooled sera Replicate 5

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Field Value
Geospatial Coverage
Resource Permissions organization_member
Sequence Data Type proteomics
acquisition_mode_fragmentation DDA Top12 / HCD
analytical_platform MS1 quantification
archive_ingestion_date 2018-11-27
contact_researcher Dick Strugnell
contextual_data_submission_date 2018-08-17
culture_collection_date ethics embargo
data_generated True
data_type Main dataset
facility MBPF
facility_code mbpf
gradient_time 120.0
gram_stain NEG
growth_condition_growth_phase N/A
growth_condition_media Pooled sera
growth_condition_od600_reading N/A
growth_condition_temperature 37.0
growth_condition_time_(h) 2 hrs exposure to sera
growth_media Pooled sera
host_age ethics embargo
host_disease_outcome ethics embargo
host_dob ethics embargo
host_location ethics embargo
host_sex ethics embargo
isolation_source ethics embargo
key_virulence_genes ethics embargo
lc_column_type Thermo Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano / Thermo Acclaim PepMap RSLC P/N 164540
mass_spectrometer Thermo QExactivePlus
omics Proteomics
peptide_resuspension_protocol Tip-probe sonicate 2x 30s in solvent intended for injection (e.g 90% MeCN/0.1% TFA)
raw_file_name 51639_SEP_MBPF_MS_QEPlus1_P16_0062_Exp19.raw
replicate 5
sample_id 102.100.100/51639
sample_on_column 2.0
sample_submission_date 2018-08-21
sample_type HLB-cleaned peptides
serovar ethics embargo
strain_description ethics embargo
strain_or_isolate KPC2
taxon_or_organism Klebsiella pneumoniae
ticket BPAOPS-757
treatment 10mM DTT, 20mM IAA, 1:25µg trypsin 37C 24h