ARP Metabolomics GCMS 51566

ARP Metabolomics GCMS Raw Data: Klebsiella pneumoniae KPC2 Pooled sera Replicate 4

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Field Value
Geospatial Coverage
Resource Permissions organization_member
Sequence Data Type metabolomics
acquisition_mode Negative Ion (45-600 mz: 2000 scan speed)
contact_researcher Dick Strugnell
contextual_data_submission_date 17/8/18
culture_collection_date ethics embargo
data_generated True
data_type Main dataset
facility MA
gc_column_type Agilent DB-5; 1um film thicknes; 0.250mm diameter; 30m length
gradient_time_min_flow 37 minutes method: starting temp 100°C with hold time of 4 minutes. Temperature ramped up by 10°C per minute for 22 minutes and held at 320°C for 11 minutes.
gram_stain NEG
growth_media Pooled sera
host_age ethics embargo
host_disease_outcome ethics embargo
host_dob ethics embargo
host_location ethics embargo
host_sex ethics embargo
isolation_source ethics embargo
key_virulence_genes ethics embargo
mass_spectrometer Shimadzu TQ8040
omics Metabolomics
raw_file_name 51566_Sep_MA_GCMS_KPC2S-4-612-35214_Bio21_GC-QQQ-Shimadzu.qgd
replicate 4
sample_fractionation_extract_solvent Polar metabolite / Methanol:Water
sample_id 102.100.100/51566
sample_submission_date 2018-08-21
serovar ethics embargo
strain_description ethics embargo
strain_or_isolate KPC2
taxon_or_organism Klebsiella pneumoniae
ticket BPAOPS-883