BAXTER (BAX): Classified as Australian Premium Hard (Queensland and Northern NSW)

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Sequence Data Type illumina-shortread
characteristics AFCC
classification Classified as Australian Premium Hard (Queensland and Northern NSW)
code BAX
dev_stage 3-5 week old
maturity Suited to main season plantings Queensland and Northern NSW; Suits early to main season planting in Central Queensland
organism Triticum aestivum
organism_part leaf
pathogen_tolerance Excellent crown rot resistance; Medium to high resistance to leaf and stem rust; Very tolerant of root lesion nematodes
pedigree INIA-66/GAMUT//COOK/4/JUPATECO/3/LERMA-ROJO-64/SONORA-64-A//(SIB)TIMGALEN[2854][3766]; QT-2327/COOK//QT-2804
sample_id 102.100.100/13709
source_name Baxter (Bx-1)
url wheatpedigree.net/sort/show/8307
variety BAXTER
yield_properties High yield and protein