Wheat Pathogens Transcript Sample Information

Project Puccinia striiformis infected tissue
Sample Name DG4
Contact Scientist Diana Garnica and John Rathjen
Contact Scientist email diana.garnica@anu.edu.au
Institution The Australian National University
Species Pucciniastriiformisf.sptritici (Pst) and Triticumaestivum(Ta)
Sample Type RNA
RNA Source From pst, ungerminated spores, from ta healthy and infected leaves
Extraction Method RNAeasy Plant kit QIAGEN
Growth Protocol Wheat seedling were grown at 21C for two weeks, then infected with fungal spores and maintained in a wet chamber at 9C for 48h. Subsequently plants were moved to a growth chamber at 17C in 16/8 light cycle. Collection of infected tissue was done a different time points during the process mentioned above. Healthy tissue was collected from uninfected plants. Germinated spores were collected ~17 days after infection when the plant tissue is fully covered in spores.
Treatment Protocol Ungerminated spores of the pathogen are mixed with talk and sprayed onto wet wheat seedlings.
Experimental Design Three biological replicates from different time points along the infection were collected and sequenced (0 hai and6 dai). Only one sample 9 dai was collected s in the past we had sequenced two replicates. Also, three replicates of ungerminated spores were sequenced. Finally, one replicate of wheat leave tissue infiltrated with buffer and one replicate of wheat leave tissue infiltrated with spores extract were sequenced.
Note Infected tissue 0 hai r1
2 Related Sequence files available for BPA Sample ID
Filename MD5 Run Description
DG_4_GTGAAA_L001_R2_001.fastq.gz 6a6ae8906e20f53837b23110e90555c1 Run 186 for DG4
DG_4_GTGAAA_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz 1372a01b017268f759f143606a4cdcb3 Run 186 for DG4
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