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Project Fusarium pseudograminearum-wheat head necrotrophic interaction
Sample Name Chara Fp 1
Contact Scientist tfitzgerald
Contact Scientist email timothy.fitzgerald@csiro.au
Institution CSIRO Plant Industry
Species wheat (Triticum aestivum) cv. Chara mock inoculated/inoculated with Fusarium pseudograminearum
Sample Type RNA
RNA Source ~ 1.5 cm sections from base of 12 seedlings per sample
Extraction Method Rneasy Plant Mini Kit
Growth Protocol Seedlings were inoculated at 3 days post germination and wrapped in paper towel as per Yang et al. 2010 European Journal of Plant Pathology 128; 495-502, then grown for 3 days under constant light in the laboratory. CS3427 fungus was cultured from a V8 agar plug in _ V8 media in flasks at room temperature.
Treatment Protocol For each sample, 3 days post-germination seedlings were placed into Falcon tubes. 3 mls Fusarium pseudograminearum CS3427 spores at a concentration of 5 x 10^5 (in sterile water), or sterile water for mock samples, was added. Tubes were rotated on a tube roller at medium speed setting for 5 minutes. Inoculum was drained and seedlings were placed onto a fresh piece of paper towel to remove excess inoculum. For each sample, 4 seedlings were rolled into each of three paper towel rolls and each roll was placed into an individual Falcon tube and 35 mls sterile water added.
Experimental Design Treatment types: Two treatments, 3 days post inoculation and 3 days post mock inoculation. Biological replication: Tissue from twelve individual seedlings pooled for each sample. Sample number: Four samples per treatment type.
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TF_Chara_Fp1_AGTTCC_L007_R1_001.fastq.gz a972278643e01465e8e31e73340b37cb WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (55)
TF_Chara_Fp1_AGTTCC_L007_R2_001.fastq.gz de5b6a36028a5936f495f2c3dbd03431 WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (55)
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