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Project Fusarium pseudograminearum-Brachypodium head necrotrophic interaction
Sample Name Bd21-3 Mock 3
Contact Scientist jpowell
Contact Scientist email jonathan.powell@csiro.au
Institution CSIRO Plant Industry
Species Brachypodium distachyon ecotype Bd21-3 mock inoculated/inoculated with Fusarium pseudograminearum
Sample Type RNA
RNA Source ~ 1.5 cm sections from base of 33 seedlings per sample
Extraction Method Rneasy Plant Mini Kit
Growth Protocol
Treatment Protocol
Experimental Design
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Filename MD5 Run Description
JP_Bd21_3_Mock3_TTAGGC_L006_R1_001.fastq.gz 5cf4ccac0c87e814a17e0c815795d9fa WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (45)
JP_Bd21_3_Mock3_TTAGGC_L006_R2_001.fastq.gz be0ac1d72b762526971813b610c0e67a WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (45)
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