Wheat Pathogens Transcript Sample BPAUniqueID object ( Information

Project Pyrenophora in-vitro transcript
Sample Name C.Moffat M2(a)
Contact Scientist dmoffat
Contact Scientist email Caroline.Moffat@curtin.edu.au
Institution Australian Centre for Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens (ACNFP)
Species Fungus (Pyrenophoratritici-repentis), Plant (wheat)
Sample Type RNA
RNA Source Mycelia (fungus), uninfected and ptr infected leaves (plant)
Extraction Method Trizol reagent and column purification; Trizol reagent andcolumn purification followed by LiCl re-precipitation
Growth Protocol Fungus Ptr cultures grown on V8PDA agar, Plant Wheat seedlings grown on vermiculite without fertiliser
Treatment Protocol Plant infection assay, whole plant (foliar)spray
Experimental Design Fungal mycelia, vegetative and sporulating mycelia harvested at one time point Plant infection assay fungal infected and uninfected wheat leaves harvested at three and four DPI, RNA pooled from biological replicates
Note Sporulating mycelia (isolate Meck4),9-day-old V8PDA agar plate culture
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Filename MD5 Run Description
CM_M2_a_ACTTGA_L005_R1_001.fastq.gz cd8b6ed42fa7c797a0eb5a48ab5a1cec WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (27)
CM_M2_a_ACTTGA_L005_R2_001.fastq.gz ce3ee9cb6985e48224352765d710b049 WheatPathogenTranscriptRun object (27)
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