Wheat Pathogens Transcript Sample Information

Project Rhizoctonia infected and vegetative tissue - small RNA
Sample Name JA4
Contact Scientist Jonathan Anderson
Contact Scientist email
Institution CSIRO
Species Wheat and Rhizoctonia solani
Sample Type RNA
RNA Source Infected wheat roots
Extraction Method Trizol, ribozero ribosomal subtraction kit, strand specific library prep
Growth Protocol
Treatment Protocol
Experimental Design
Note 2 dpi Rs AG8-1 inoculated wheat roots rep 1
2 Related Sequence files available for BPA Sample ID
Filename MD5 Run Description
JA_R4_CCGTCC_L002_R1_001.fastq.gz 683f359cfe96c535ffe56ed89da21fe5 Run 119 for JA4
JA_R4_CCGTCC_L008_R1_001.fastq.gz c5af83c10039f891e37aaebd4f9256fc Run 119 for JA4
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