Wheat Pathogens Transcript Sample Information

Project Fusarium infected and vegetative tissue - small RNA
Sample Name M121
Contact Scientist Donald Gardiner
Contact Scientist email
Institution CSIRO Plant Industry
Species Wheat (Fusarium)
Sample Type Small RNA
RNA Source Shoots
Extraction Method Trizol
Growth Protocol Wheat cv Kennedy germinated for two days in petri dishes prior to inoculation with either water or Fusarium in an in vitro assay (paper towel)
Treatment Protocol CS3427 infected 5 dpi
Experimental Design biological replicates
Note CS3427 infected 5 dpi
2 Related Sequence files available for BPA Sample ID
Filename MD5 Run Description
M121_GGCTAC_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz 9e9ec6aaff84e9d0d7442c2b885d54d1 Run 119 for M121
M121_GGCTAC_L008_R1_001.fastq.gz ac0959c06a9f553a2357c78d20f2128f Run 119 for M121
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